New TKT GROUP plant

TKT Group, worldwide operating with its leading companies Tecnovo and Koner, is proud to announce that the new plant, built in Cremona by the side of Koner’s dies factory and set-up at the end of 2016, gave birth to the first and only industrial hub in the world manufacturing both lubricants and dies for the steel wire industry.

The new site, risen-up and spread-over 25.000 square meters area, is fully committed on the Tecnovo’s new generation lubricants production, whereas in Novate Milanese factory both the current production lines and also the R&D department will continue in operation. TKT Group has undertaken to expand its current production capacity owing to the growing demand for its innovative lubricants. The new plant is totally equipped by new and hi-tech production lines, ecological and 100% harmful substances free.

In the forthcoming months we’ll take part in various important initiatives, in order to promote and share with customers the results achieved through investments, which let to develop products more and more innovative, green and exclusive.