Koner is a leading company in the field of wire drawing dies. It is committed to a policy of research and innovation both with regard to process and die technology and constantly seeks to co-operate with customers and to provide them with complete solutions. Furthermore, Koner produces and supplies a complete range of auxiliary products for the wire drawing industry.

Koner produces and distributes worldwide:
• TC drawing nibs
• K.340 pressure dies
• TC drawing dies
• TC shaped and big dies
• TC wire guides, bushes and rings
• Machinery and instruments for dies production and regrinding
• Wire pulling-in-dogs
•Spiral brushes
• Wiping pads and Galvazak
• Ecoclean – Wire cleaning system
• PCD diamond dies

Below the main Koner hallmarks:
1. Koner production cycle starts from the selection of the proper tungsten carbide powders, powders pressing and sinter process, afterwards the rough nibs are assembled and grinded according customer requirements. This way Koner is able to manage the whole production process, from powders to finished dies

2. Koner technicians work in close cooperation with Tecnovo’s lubricants ones. Joint trials with dies and lubricants mean high performance achieved under all conditions

3. We focus on quality and product customization: the powders as well the dies specifications are studied by Koner technical departments on the basis of customer specific needs to optimize the drawing process