Cooperation agreement Tkt Group / PH Chem.Co.

The Tkt Group is pleased to announce the partnership agreement with PH Chem, a Busan -South Korea based company, producing and distributing wire drawing lubricants.

PH Chem will be exclusive agent and distributor in Korea of Tecnovo lubricants, Koner dies and a wide range of Tkt auxiliaries products for wire drawing.

At this early stage Tkt and PH Chem are going to launch on the market a new line of lubricants, as Tecnolubre FM/913, sodium based product 100% free from borax and dust, boron derivatives and from nitrites, drastically reducing problems in the working environment, cutting consumption and eliminating product waste. The companies will also promote the Sintek FL/22 line, liquid compounds for wet drawing, made from natural products and renewable sources, product line already an high quality international leader.

PH Chem will also promote the sales of Koner K.340 pressure dies, a product specially constructed and designed to greatly improve lubrication and drawing performances, reducing costs and improving quality with a substantial lubrication improvement and a clear economic return.

Tkt Group will also collaborate with PH Chem to produce innovative calcium soaps in Korea.

The target of Tkt Group and PH Chem will be to offer to customers not only top quality products and services, but also technical assistance to optimize the wire drawing process by the winning combination dies and lubricants.

PH Chem. Co., Ltd.
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