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TKT GROUP committed along the path of innovation

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On the occasion of “Wire Show 2014”, held in Dusseldorf from 7th to 11th of April, Tkt Group and its leading companies Tecnovo and Koner, presenting and showcasing important newness to provide customers with innovative solutions, sent a message loud and clear: Tkt is more and more committed to continue along the path of innovation, and this can be considered its strategic framework. 

TECNOLUBRE FM/913 and FM/915 are still incomparable sodium based drawing lubricants, 100% free from borax, boron derivatives and from nitrites. They drastically reduce dust in the working environment, cut lubricant consumption and eliminate product waste. Greater lubrication than traditional products, lubricant film fully soluble in water, increased thermal stability with final melting point above 300°C. The lubricant runs very freely in the lubrication box and in the die.

In order to repeat the outstanding success of innovative sodium soaps, Tecnovo has just launched TECNOLUBRE FM/195, a new calcium based lubricant 100% free from titanium dioxide. As demonstrated by rigorous tests conducted by leading companies, this substance causes serious difficulties with subsequent wire treatments including pickling, annealing, coating and wet wire drawing and it exerts a severe abrasive action on capstan coatings. Titanium dioxide is also under observation for suspected danger to humans.

Tecnovo’s innovation also involves SINTEK FL line, emulsifiable and liquid compounds for wet wire drawing made from natural products and renewable sources. This product line is top of the range in the market, subject to constant improvement and with a broad range of products for all  wire drawing applications.

To complete the overview on Tkt’s  innovative products it’s important also to mention KONER’S PRESSURE DIES K.340, specially constructed and designed to greatly improve lubrication and drawing performances, reducing costs and improving quality.

Tkt consider the mentioned products, integrated with a new cleaning system named ECOCLEAN and a full range of AUXILIARIES PRODUCTS, AMAZING and OUTSTANDING STEPS FORWARD for the wire drawing process.