TECNOVO and KONER, manufacturing companies of the TKT group and leaders in the respective sectors of lubricants and drawing dies, inform customers and operators that they will participate with their booth (HALL: 11, BOOTH: A56) at "Wire 2024", which will take place in Düsseldorf, from 15th to 19th of April 2024.

In recent years TKT group has consolidated and expanded its position on the market, and carried out important research and development programs, by investments in new machinery and technologies as well as expansion of TKT products portfolio, to offer its customers increasingly innovative, integrated and synergistic solutions.

Below some important innovations in TKT Group offer that will be presented at the Wire 2024:
•    Brand new!! High performance “dust free” Tecnovo calcium soaps, the result of many years of research, for the steel wire drawing market
•    Evolution in the formulation of Tecnovo "green" emulsifiable oils, through new additives that improve the wet drawing process in terms of lubrication and drawing performances
•    A new automatic press machine was installed at the end of 2023 at the Koner plant, with a pressing force of 120 tons to produce hard metal products up to an external diameter of 120mm
•    Production of various types of drawing dies and custom-designed parts, by sophisticated micro-grains with zero porosity and significantly higher density and hardness values, while maintaining the already high standards of toughness
•    Wide range of round and shaped dies, which can be supplied in solid hard metal or coated with special Koner treatments to enhance their durability characteristics
•    D-lab, the innovative instrument for measuring the diameter and ovality of dies; after the great success on the world market in recent years, it has been further improved with a larger “touch screen” for greater ease of use by operators
•    New K.80 system for dies regrinding and polishing operations, sturdy, safe and economical
•    New Ecoclean® / Ecowipe® machine for wire and wire rod cleaning 
•    New butt welder machine, efficient and very easy to use, significantly reduces the welding process time of the steel wire. This machine guarantees savings and a very high productivity thanks to welding and annealing in a single operation
•    Specialized and professional tungsten carbide dies regrinding services, by Koner East in Macedonia, and polycrystalline diamond dies regrinding service in Koner Italy
•    Very high performing wiping pads for galvanizing operations, produced with specific coating treatments and internal and external lubrication, supplied for all the types of applications and for any customer need
•    Brushes for wire and wire rod cleaning, long lasting and available in different sizes, types and materials
•    Integrated solutions, both chemical and mechanical, for wire and wire rod cleaning

We look forward to seeing you at our stand!


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