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Tkt Group - A research project presented at Cabwire World Conference 2013

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The latest edition of the international conference Cabwire 2013, held in Milan on November 4th at Palazzo Turati, numbered the participation of Tkt Group with the presentation of a paper entitled "The use of titanium dioxide in dry drawing lubricants".

The study showed the advantages on application of a new generation lubricant 100% free from titanium dioxide, TECNOLUBRE FM/195, through the creation of a “comparison model” analyzing lubricants performances, on purpose created in the laboratories and which opens new perspectives in the field of tribology.

Through this research project, developed in collaboration with the Trento’s University, the company once again stood out as a pioneer and innovator in a synergic union between the will to provide products at the forefront in terms of performances and quality and the need for an environmentally sustainable development in accordance with the regulations and health.

As a matter of fact the group Tkt, over last years, launched the lubricant TECNOLUBRE FM/913, the only product in the market 100% borax and dusty particles free, which opens new and ambitious scenarios in the use of lubricants sodium based, and pressure dies K.340 and K.365, worldwide patented, allowing to combine excellent lubrication with significant savings.