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Partnership Tkt Group / Coro Solutions BV

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The Tkt Group and CORO Solutions BV are pleased to announce a partnership agreement for the promotion and sale of the innovative cleaning system:

ECOCLEAN, patented system, is universal, environmentally friendly and efficient; furthermore, it provides an optimal cleaned wire material for further processing. 

The system exceeds for flexibility, lead times and operative costs all the conventional methods for wire cleaning such as brushing, blasting and in many cases the chemical pickling: the results of these alternative techniques and devices, also combined, to clean the wire are in many cases totally inadequate. 

The use of this system allows a drastic reduction in operating costs compared to chemical or alternative mechanical cleaning methods, a significant machine downtimes for service and maintenance reduction, high drawing speed, removal of all contamination, smooth wire surfaces free from scratches and adapted to receive a perfect lubrication. 

ECOCLEAN offers the ideal basis to manufacture high-quality wire environmentally friendly and cost efficient at maximum productivity. The ECOCLEAN series ensure success and opens up new amazing opportunities in the market. 

The Tkt Group is pleased to provide you with more information and it’s waiting for you to "Wire 2014" in Düsseldorf (Hall 11, Booth A62) for ECOCLEAN exhibition and presentation.