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TKT auxiliaries products

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Tkt Group includes leading companies dealing with the wire technology industry on an international level; these companies form a well-integrated group working together to provide his customers with a complete service, affecting every part of drawing process.

Tkt auxiliaries products meet this important market demand: they have been designed as the result of practical and daily experience in drawing companies to avoid negative factors that could compromise the expected final results.

Wire pulling-in dogs: high quality tools made for heavy duty use, the hook and release mechanisms assure safe and easy handling.

Spiral Brushes: perfect for wires, wire rods, tubes and cables brushing. Available in stainless steel, polyamide and polypropylene filaments.

Galvazak: apparatus for continuous galvanizing of steel wires and strips, or similar materials, by immersion in a molten zinc bath.

Wiping pads: used in galvanized wire system in square sizes, depending on the diameter of the metal wire to be galvanized, to obtain an excellent and constant galvanize quality.

Rolls for rolling: tungsten carbide rolls for forming and profiling wire.

Bushes for all purposes: bushes of any type and size, hard metal grades and size according to customer specifications.

Wire straighteners: a complete line of sturdy and functional wire strain-relieving and straightening equipment.

Ecoclean – wire cleaning system: patented, universal, environmentally friendly and efficient system providing an optimal cleaned wire material for further processing.

Accessories for dies working and grinding: files for grinding dies; diamond wheels for grinding dies; synthetic and natural diamond micro powder; diamond paste; boron carbide; polishing sticks; gauged, hardened and ground broaches; special steel conical needles.

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